"It's not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best."

W. Edwards Deming

The home buying process is not a difficult one but requires enough knowledge and experience to tackle the unpredictable challenges that may arise.  As agents in the real estate business representing all types of clients and real estate transactions, we are dedicated to spending the needed time to get our clients on the right track and educated so that they can make an informed decision on such a critical moment.  There are many steps in the purchase process but we have simplified these into the below three key steps.

Getting Qualified

If you are one of the few people that are purchasing your home paying cash, feel free to skip to the next step.  If not, this is important.  If you are serious about buying, it is key for you to be qualified for a mortgage before looking at properties.  Many home buyers make that mistake and begin their home purchasing journey before this critical step affecting their ability to move quickly should they find the perfect home.  


Your mortgage approval will determine many things.  One is the type of property you are able to buy.  If your loan approval is for a fee simple property, the interest rate is going to change if you look at buying a condo.  Next, you need to know what condition a property must be in to qualify with your lender.  If your loan requires the property to meet certain guidelines for condition and it doesn't, the transaction may not close.  Finally get to know your approval amount and how much you can afford.  You need to know what price range home you should be looking at and what that means to you on a monthly payment.  


Don't go into this blindly! 

Finding Your Home

When looking for properties, don't only rely on website property searches for your information.  The information on many of those sites are not accurate and sometimes not up to date.  There is only one place to get reliable home availability and pricing information and that is through your agent.  We work with you and set up on your behalf specified searches based on your buying needs sending accurate information to you daily. 

There are many homes out there, but based on our experience working with many clients, few homes may actually check every single box on your desired wants and needs for your new home.  There are many things to consider.  Existing homes may require some updates, new construction may take too long.  How does that affect your risk of financial change?  There are pros and cons to both and it is important to consider all options.  How do you decide?  We would love to say this is an easy decision but it isn't.  As real estate professionals we can help you and walk you through the processes for both so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.   


Let us help you find the perfect place!

Close On Your New Home

Congratulations! You are under contract!  This last step is probably the most difficult and potentially stressful for all parties.  Many things must happen from the time a sales contract is ratified and the closing happens.  With most contracts, there are time-bound periods for home inspection, radon inspection, well and septic inspection, pest inspection, appraisal, and financing.  Many times, all of these inspections and reports come with contingencies.  Seems like a daunting task?  Not if your agent has experience and understands the process.  Our job is to know this process and to educate you to make sure your interests are protected leading to a smooth and stress-free settlement experience.  


This step is where having a qualified and experienced agent truly pays off.  

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