"Action is the foundational key to all success."

Pablo Picasso 

The home selling process is as easy or as difficult as we make it.  When you sell your home with Partners Real Estate, you will work with the best and brightest industry professionals who are committed to getting the most out of the process.  Making the market work for you starts with an expert in the market that knows what the climate is.  Below are basic steps in home selling.

Getting Your Home Ready

You have decided to sell your home.  What is the right process to get your home listed in today's market? How are you going to get the most for your home?  Where will the most probable buyer come from?  Is it the right time to sell?  All great questions.  A professional will help you find the answers.  

When you know the answers to the above questions, you can then determine how to prepare your home for sale. Avoid any surprises and be proactive on matters you can address early in the process.  Don't wait for the buyer's mortgage lender or inspector to point out known issues. This can contribute to additional stress for you and possibly cost you more.  How do we know?  Experience.  

Another recommendation we often make is to "slim things down".  If you don't need items in your home for everyday life, put it in a box and store it.  If the buyer can't imagine their life in your home because the space is too personalized or cluttered, they may offer less or decide not to write a contract at all.


Next focus is on the exterior, work on your landscaping and improve curb appeal.  Encourage prospect buyers to come inside and see more not discourage them and have them drive to the next home.  


Let us help you create an environment that buyer's can get excited about.

It's Listed, Now Get Offers!

You repaired, staged, and improve your curb appeal and ready to list your home.  Let's market your property! Your agent will be scheduling for professional photography, having brochures created, door hangers, a single property website with information and photos, a virtual tour, and online marketing.  This will ensure that your property is correctly presented.  The goal is to get your property in front of every would-be buyer and agent. Let's show them why your home is special and why they need to make an offer!

Once these activities are completed, make sure your home is ready for showings.  Confirm showing appointments quickly, don't let a potential buyer walk-away.  Have the home picked up and clean so that buyers don't get distracted with things that don't matter.  Leave a few lights on - bright spaces look bigger.  Pay close attention to feedback and remember, it's not personal.  

Road To Closing

You've received offers.  We've negotiated and we're under contract.  Now it's time to work towards the closing date.  The next set of activities we are concerned with are the home inspection, radon inspection, and well/septic inspections when applicable.  The home should be ready for these.  Make sure to have all utilities on if the property is unoccupied and gather a list of previous repairs and/or maintenance plans should these be available.


Once the inspections are completed and continued negotiating on contingencies settle, we can get ready for appraisal and closing.  If the transaction has progressed, we need to plan for the move.  Things should be boxed and removed.  Care should be given not to damage the property during your move out.  There will be one additional inspection before closing called a final walk-through and we want to ensure a smooth process.  


We review closing documents together in advance and verify that figures are correct before closing.  It seems like a lot? Not for a professional agent!  We are here to walk you through every step and advise on the process while protecting your interests.   

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