PARTNERS REAL ESTATE has a team of professionals that specialize in short sale properties.  If you have a home and are under water on your mortgage, we can help!  The process for selling your home when upside down is different than a traditional sale.  It is important to understand your specific lenders process. You may qualify for a short sale and moving cost assistance to be paid at closing.  


Not everyone will qualify for a short sale.  If want to find out about the process or have questions on how to start, please contact us today.  


Our Principal Broker Jeffery Shumaker has many years experience in short sales and bank owned properties.  After spending over 8 years and facilitating the sale of over 800 distressed properties in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, you could say he is an expert.  If you have questions, he'll know the answers. 


To schedule a one on one with Jeffery Shumaker about your situation, contact us and let's get started.